Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cleanse Bath and Body Ad Work!

Long overdue.. In the beginning of 2008 I started working with Maggie of Cleanse Bath & Body. I have blogged about her before.. She is another creative soul. She has created these amazing Bath & Body Products. Do I not only LOVE these products, I give them as gifts and try to share them with my brides when I can!

Maggie asked me to help her develop her brand, so she could start properly marketing her products!
She had a good start though, her products are featured in the World-Famous Henri Bendel's in New York City.

We started with a logo (above) and then wanted to move onto the catalog design. As I've said before, Advertising really works when the imagery can sell the product. So off to my favorite photographer I went! Abby Liga of Liga Photography really made this product come to life! Below you can see just a few of the amazing photographs. And below that are some more pics of the catalog, signs, and collateral I designed.


bamboo candles said...

These look totally terrific! Where can I get these again?

Amy said...

You can go to

Or contact Maggie @ 407-620-6609 please let her know I refered you!! Thanks..