Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is going to be a political and artistic post. Those who know me wouldn't expect any less. We at 2u here, had the great pleasure of being an exhibitor at the 2nd Annual PLAYGROUND MAGAZINE Arts & Music Festival. It took place Sunday April, 18th at Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando, FL. We provided a booth where kids could come and create their own Mother's or Father's day card. And estimated 500-700 people visited the festival. It had everything from Student Art Exhibits, to Rock Wall Climbing, Drum Circles, World Wide Mushrooms (to be explained in the next post),Community art Projects, our Create a Card Station and so much more there isn't enough room to mention it all. 

Which brings me to something very important and it should be addressed first. As any artist can attest, the experience and culture of being an artist or even just loving art is a wonderful thing that can lift you up and give you courage and purpose as your growing and feel lost. I can say, with an artist soul, sometimes while I was growing up, in class I never felt understood. Then would come ART CLASS. It was fulfilling, it was creative, it was where I felt 100% myself and didn't care I wasn't popular, or dating, etc.  THIS IS WHY SAVING THE ARTS IS EVER SO IMPORTANT. There are students right now, at every age, IN EVERY STATE finding their only identity in ART. Without it in our schools, children and young adults everywhere will BE LOST! No matter where you live, please get involved in your States, "Save the Arts Program."  IT IS IMPORTANT THAN YOU MAY KNOW.

Okay, now I'm finished with the lecture...to the point. There was an exhibitor at the 2nd Annual PLAYGROUND MAGAZINE Arts & Music Festival...Who brought the attention to the fact that ARTS in Florida are INCREDIBLY UNDERFUNDED!!  Please help us save the arts!!!

The Orange County Arts Education Center has taken it upon themselves to educate our community and help try and save the arts in our school.  For more information please visit: http://ocaec.org
And if you are really feeling ambitious, please write you congressman, your senator, your representative... anyone you think will help our voices become LOUD!!


Heather Reneau said...

This almost made me cry. Thank you for posting. Why is it uncomprehensable for them to cut funding for reading, math or science but not art?

It's equally as important - maybe not the the creatively challenged politicians but definitely to the performers at Disney World, the animators that made Nemo, the graphic designers at Hallmark, the fashionistas at GAP.

Can you imagine a world without Disney, movies, greeting cards, cute clothes and music? The highlights in life that bring people the most happiness (even to the creatively challenged) are usually arts-based.

I understand the budget cuts must happen - I just don't think it should happen in our education system.

Margy said...

Love your post, Amy. You really brought the point in focus and you are right in what you say. Although I am not artistic and have never been in an art class, that is the place where many feel they are "at home." Thanks.

SCReative said...

It's sad the the first things to go when budget cuts are made are the arts. Those were the classes I most looked forward to!

Amy said...

Thank you all for reading.. This is an important issue and we MUST figure out a way to get money where it is needed!

Liga Photography said...

I agree, the world would not be the same without the arts. These are the classes in school that brings encouragement and positivity to each student. It shapes them and gives them confidence. The arts is probably one of the MOST crucial subjects to NOT cut out. It's good to hear that people and businesses like Playground Magazine recognize that and fight the dwindling percentage of the Arts being cutback in schools. We all need to band together to make sure our children are able to have the freedom and the chance to explore their artistic side.