Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look what Abby Liga (Liga Photography) did!

Really quick.. I just want to give props to my good friend Abby Liga for giving my husband and I a fun-filled portrait session.. Abby at Liga Photography recently shot portraits of my husband and I.. Since we eloped we really have never had any amazing images taken of the two of us. That and we both really feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. So I know Abby-- it was painful and I thank you, because if this sneak peek is any indication you did the impossible! I don't think my husband has ever been photographed without his signature "Morelli Cheesy Grin!" Congrats, you did it! We look great!! Check them out.. And be sure to check out Liga Photography if you ever need amazing imagery of you or your family!!

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Ronald said...

Ok I must clarify that Amy is putting her shyness on me. I have no problem in front of the camera and anybody who knows me well knows I am a complete ham.
Either way these look better than I ever expected and I cant wait to see how Abby did on the rest of the photos. Probably great if these are any indication.