Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gliz. Glamour. Reveal.- My good friends have a successful office warming party!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Office Unveiling of E-Events and Liga Photography. Abby Liga and Lisa Konecny are not only my friends they are both top wedding vendors in Florida. As last night's party re-enforced they have style and grace like no other. I was luck enough to do the eblast invitation for this event which I blogged about last month! I had so much fun ladies, and thank you for including me!! Congrats on the new office and a successful event!

Click here to view the slideshow of the event!

pictured above: Abby Liga & Amy Morelli

1 comment:

Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

You set the tone for us Amy with amazing invitation design. Who could have resisted with that alone?!?
Loved having you and Ron there...
Cheers to many more memorable and successful soirees!